D0g Hitbox Exploits


As you may know, D0g has some strange hitbox mechanics. Mainly being that sometimes you cannot phase through him like you can with any other npc. Because of this, I started messing around with D0g and found two interesting exploits that are unique to him. Forgive me if either of these exploits are already known, I would just like to put these out there for other people to see.

This exploit utilizes the newly discovered ‘save/load lagging’ to lag out D0g’s pathing, which when it finally catches up, sends him speeding forward to try and catch up to where the game thinks he should be. Normally this would be useless because NPCs typically just phase through us. However, with D0g’s strange hitbox, instead of phasing through us he actually pushes us with a great deal of force. That force combined with a ramp sends us across the map with around 2000 ups.

This second exploit is simply standing between D0g’s hitbox and the wall and having him turn to face you so that he pushes you directly into the wall. You can read in the video description on how to get this to work. Again, sorry if this was already known. Thank you all for reading. :ok:


Damn nice! This wasn’t known. At least for me :smiley:


Oh my, that’s insane! Good figure-out-ing.
Would that be useful anywhere?


Nice finds. I didn’t think it would’ve been useful on NPCs at all. Now I’m curious if that boost glitch will work on other types of NPCs like striders, rollermines, or helicopters.


Hot stuff :fire:


Nice! I remember HL2DQ Team showed off D0g clipping in their tricks & outtakes video :slight_smile: