Current HL2 Maps?


So, I’ve recently started making my runs legit, i.e. getting rid of scripts, updating maps, and I downloaded the maps folder that you guys said to use here:

For the record, I’ve been running the game on the steam version. This is the issue:

soooooo, whats up. Can I not run on the steam version? are there different maps? am I just retarded and there’s an obvious fix? halp!


Everything you need to download can be found here. Just be sure to follow the README.txt for ghosting mod. After you have ghosting mod, you will need to use the 5135 maps.


Why are you running on the steam version anyway?


Yes just use the unpack.


I’ve been running on the steam version because my other two options were A. Ghosting Mod which I didn’t use because the flashlight is separate from the HEV power, (or at least it was last time a checked) something that I love in Ep. 2, but I don’t think should be used in a game where it never existed; and B. The unpack, which is a nightmare to setup. Doesn’t look like I have much of a choice though, so unpack it is.


The unpack isn’t a nightmare to set up, you just extract the file to wherever and run the HL2.cmd file to play it.


And the Ghosting mod problem that you described doesn’t exist for like 2 years already.