Crossig methods of impediment


In this topic wrote about what You now but don`t say essence of the tricks and places. It be interesting to compare our knowledge of HL2. Plan:; 2. kind of impediment. 3. how much you know: a) tricks of crossing method; B) ways to cross this place, (becous this is different notions). You may to find place of crossing and use there are tricks which you know. :ph43r: Now I begin. 1. d1_canals_01 2. first traine 3. a) [train-jump] [frame-longjump] [frame-highjump] [combine-longjump] [combine-highjump] [mysecret01-jump] [mysecret02-jump] [mysecret03-jump] [aid-jump] [bag-ascent] [birdlike] =11 but also some combinations :stuck_out_tongue: B) 6 ways :ph43r:


?There are plenty of ways. Go check out some of the many phase one demos :\


QUOTE (Pincus @ Oct 22 2006, 02:01 AM)?How many times late! So your community maked so much fo HL world with this graet Done Quick. I know, that this work will keeped a lot of times of many people but all tricking features which were opening in DQ brought most of pleasure emotions to gamers, that will made it. I now this feeling becous I was intrested in quick crossing of HL2 befor my review of the first DQ of HL2 (David Gibbons). This fast DQ I see at december 2006 and in this connexion posted this theme on this forum. I dont played HL2 and any other games more than 2 years now (after gaming Ep1 - this disappointed me, developers now couldnt make ‘‘previously’’ Half-Life 2) and use my own time in my nee. Different features from HL2 served mental pabulum for me with his projection on real world and owing to HL2 I find the passion wich I look for all this time. So 1.5 years of HL2 playing was not lost on me from all games which I see in my life - it helped me to understand that computer games is no main in our life. And we must to live in reality, and games can`t change this fo us. Half-life period forever! (if not letter from bot I could to not rememder about this graet forum)But sometimes it nice to look and remembe this… 1st post of theme -


I have a question regarding map, when you wallclimb with the explosive barrel, do you really climb that high or did you have to fly some too?

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