Counter-Strike Coundition Zero Run


I am attempting to do a speed run of CZ. The run on the speed demos archive i feel is bad. So i want to do a better run of it. Ive been spending some time on the first level, and already got a shortcut so far. Just post replies if intrested.


how is the feeling, possibility of bunnyhops?


Never played CS:CZ, but gl!! what sort of time are you aiming for?


I dont think there is a possibility of bunnyhops, sorry. There are a few tricks i am figuring out. The machette guys and shotgun guys, when you get hit by them, they have knockback. Ive already used this to my advantage in the first level, i can skip up to the top of an area. Idk about any other tricks at this time. Also, its on hard difficulty and its Deleted Scenes, not the one with the bots and the CZ multiplayer levels.


I got the run of the first level, Recoil, done. It almost perfect, but there are a few minor things that shouldnt hinder my time too much. Maybe i could gain like at max 5 more seconds, but im fine with it. 1 thing i need to know… I used Fraps to record the edit ‘video of the demo’ cause i dont care really if its perfect quality or not, but i need to know what i should encode it into so i can get the highest quality for the lowest file size. I dont know anymore what the best for this is. What were you planning on using for the HL2 runs? ThanksEdit: Ill post it up here via filefront when i know what to make it into. Maybe you guys can give me some pointers on the run, too. :smiley:


isnt there a way not to use fraps (to get the correct timing) ?


Is it not the correct timing when i use fraps? Cause its just recording whatever is on the screen, and me watching the demo would make it the correct timing? Idk, i could test it cause this is a laptop im usually on, and i have the game on my normal computer too. I would just play the demo at the same time as the video on here. OR, i could make the game in windowed mode. Thats easier.


Why not record a demo :S


yeah, sorry, i edited what i said, i do record demos obviously while im playing. I meant i record the demo to a video file with Fraps.


Doesn’t CZ have the “startmovie” command like HL and normal CS? However, I don’t think it will give you the audio file that way, so you’d have to play the demo normally and record the audio with a 3rd party program and mix them together or something…


x264 encodes quite nicely but I think you must encode with divx or xvid at least for normal quality to be accepted on SDA.there is a compression FAQ on SDA board if you haven’t read it.;num=1122433146


Yeah, its the HL engine. Its not any different from the normal one. Its just that i dont really care that the quality is super awesome. Just so that it is easily visible. And i dont have the time to do all this video editing either. Which would be, make pictures, compile pictures into video, record audio, sync video and audio, then convert. Fraps is possibly the easiest solution for this. I found settings for DivX that i like that makes it look decently and makes the output around 50 megs. I just spent nearly 2 hours last night trying to make a better run of it, so that i can not make the few mistakes i made on the first one. I was unsuccessful so far. Ill probably try again saturday morning.Uploaded to filefront:…;/fileinfo.html


watched the run and looks pretty good. you have a really nice aim which I suck at :stuck_out_tongue: too bad AI is stupid heh.quality wise, I think image is ok but audio sounds pretty bad to me. it’s strange though because the bitlate is fine. maybe bad codec or fraps problem?


Yeah, i dont know why it makes the audio quality crappy. The game doesnt sound like that. On SDA, marshmellow complained about the audio quality too. I’m gonna try to perfect this map and then move on to the next, which is a crapload more difficult. :(Edit: This is the thread that I am posting in on SDA. I will mostly put details in there. I already just made a big discovery, so i will rerun the map.;num=1138205974


Well, im thinking of starting up doing this run again. After watching the HL Speedrun from RandomEngy and the FarCry speedrun, i just feel like im in the mood to do another level or 2 of the CZ speedrun. One thing that is AWESOME, is that on the level i am currently on, there is a elevator that loads to the next level! This is awesome, because i saw the trick that Random did to stand just outside of the elevator door. Since CZ is the HL engine, it worked just like it did in HL. Thanks alot RandomEngy. :-D.