Could you recommend a coop game for me?


So a friend of mine and I spend a lot of time playing games together. Anything from fps’s to dungeon crawlers. But we’ve never found an RPG that has entertained us for more then a few days. We each have really different playing styles and that could be good, but when we go into an RPG with the intent to play it cooperatively its always either too easy or doesn’t allow us to play how we want. So if anyone has anything in mind. We don’t care if its LAN, or on the same pc, or mmo, as long as its difficult and allows for easy cooperation.


The Forest is good if you like survival and building things.

Borderlands 2 is cool if you like shooting.

Various Gmod gamemodes of course.

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer is good if you like road trips and carnage.

L4D2 and Portal 2 Coop

Unturned if you like basic coop with zombies.


Far Cry 3,Gmod,Diablo 3
I’ll update this if I have more.


Borderlands has some damn good multiplayer coop. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
San Andreas Multiplayer mod is pretty cool too.
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, if you’re into that sort of thing.
GTA 5, but most have already played that by now.
SVEN Coop mod for Half life and Opposing force is also good.

GARRYS MOD EXTENDED MOVEMENT MOD! Highly recommended for ANYONE who knows anything about source/goldsrc movement. So basically if your on this forums, you would LOVE this.
Link if your interested


Not a big fan of GMOD. i dont like its community or any of the custom games made for it. if i where playing with a party of people i knew and it was all casual i’d be okay with it. but i dont.

I got the forest and it was/is FANTASTIC. i was hoping for a game a little more rpg-ie. but it is wonderful. the first night i played i freaked out. the mutants ai is alot more advanced then i expected, and i’ll have to play a lot more defensively then i thought. I read up on the game before starting playing it and if i hadnt i’d probably have rage quit by now. -will be playing it coop later. have only played it single player.

Diablo 3 is meh. i dont find it hard. neither did i diablo 2. it was another one of those that i enjoyed it for about 3 hours then stopped. idk.

gta V is a little out of my price range for now. i’d like to get it. but my friends pc wont run it most likely.

Borderlands is fantastic. ive beaten it dozens of times. its so good.

will look into SVEN coop

will look into LoZ: 4 swords.

will look into JC2

Beaten portal 2 coop and used to run it.

L4D and L4D2 are not really my favorite games. will probably pick them up again at a later date.

Unturned was like dayZ, but blocky. i didnt really enjoy it that much. the challenge was low, and its playability was even lower. idk. im hard to please.

Thank you all for your feedback. and any more down the line would be greatly appreciated.