Great job on the video guys.REALLY GoodLet me know about your next project, I’d love to work with youTill then GG’s =]


Thanks a lot! :smiley: We haven’t planned any new projects, but there is some discussion about taking on another game and play it as a team. No real plans have been made, but if you keep watching our forum you’ll find out within time.But we most likely will take on HL2: Episode 1 when it arrives (current date: May 31st).So HL2:E1DQ (Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Done Quick) would start sometime in June! <_<





QUOTE (BLaCkSnOw @ Apr 1 2006, 01:10 AM)ya thats off my box in chicagoTHANKS! :lol: As I said to Tamale when he posted that first: That is the best download page we have! So thanks for hosting it! :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, this is not a speedrun … it’s a kick directly into the nuts of any hl2 mapper!! Seriously this is the most awesome speedrun I’ve ever seen!I thought after Quake 1, hl1 I have seen everything but you prove me wrong.“Jaw-dropping stunts” <- that’s so true I just didn’t close my mouth any more because it wasn’t worth it ;)I love your playstyle… the subversive way of beating/playing a game. It’s like someone tells you: “That way to the boss” and you guys say: “Screw that and go into the exact opposite direction”.Well my respect and keep up the good workThis reminds me a little of Painkiller. Painkiller is really monotone game but if you try to find all secrets you’re busy for forever because you have to think like a speedrunner/trickjumper. If you’re up for a challenge. Try it :wink:


Normally the speedrunners I’ve seen are obsessed about the “classics”. Mario, Sonic, Contra 3. But I think this speedrun was more fun to watch than even the Super Mario 64 one, and that one was really cool to watch.I’m trying to spread the word about it and seed the insane quality as much as I can, great work guys.

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