Well, I know I’ve not been around that much, real life reasons, but I’d like to congratulate you all on following this through to the end.No matter how bleak it looked, you carried on. Now look! 1:35:15! It’s a stonker of a time.Well done guys.:wink:


Ooo, it’s b5k! Hey, welcome back to the boards!This is your project too, so give yourself a pat on the back as well :slight_smile:


hehe nice :slight_smile: I hoped you came back a little bit earlier and ran some maps, you are soo much skilled. but it’s finished anyway.I wonder if loner or some missing members have a chance to watch the movie somewhere when the movie spreads on the net :stuck_out_tongue:


IF the movie spreads on the net! :o



sweeet. I did 1 map in 2 segments, go me! :wink:


ask valve to add the speedrun on steam :slight_smile:


I had the same idea before. That if something would be really cool.

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