Completed Run + Oculus Rift?


First off. I saw you guys completed the run. Nice job! I wasn’t able to follow the development of it, unfortunately. I’ve been out of the gaming world for the last couple months. Before that, I was busy playing other games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, as of yesterday, my order for the dev kit of the Oculus Rift advanced to the Processing stage, which means it will be shipped shortly. I had the idea… how awesome would it be to release a Rift-able video (separate from the normal video)? Meaning, it is made to be watched on the Oculus Rift. I heard that they’ve made HL2 able to be played with the device, so you’d simply need to record the demos from this run using the device. I’d be pretty badass to watch this run in 3D, but some may get severe motion sickness from it. When I get it, I’ll download the demos and see if they are able to be played back while running the game with the Oculus Rift.


you’d get dizzy a lot.


Dont think 5135 demos are playable on oculus rift engine?


If Oculus Rift is SteamPipe+ then every demo will just stop after a ~second of playback (or at least that’s what happens in Portal).


Ah ha! I possibly found a way to do it! Looking at this guide:

Go to the section labeled “Importing your new Config variabled into Half-Life 2”. Basically, you end up manually setting the options they use to make it look like the way it does in the SteamPipe version. That means you should be able to use any version of Half-Life 2. Right?


In any version of Source Engine that supports “-vr” key with any version of client.dll that has “vr_" CVars (if these are in client.dll and not in Source Engine, or client.dll should not matter at all). While you can’t really check if “-vr” key does something, HL2 from my unpack does not have "vr_” CVars. Maybe someone will find a workaround to this, though.