Hi, here is the following of the commentary topic in “Confirmed Runners”.I say subtitles would be great for people who can’t understand English very well.Now, there are several options:- Audio commentary: in this case it would be great if someone could at least write the transcript, after that English subs and translations would be possible.- Subtitles commentary: it’s less fun in my opinion, but it basically doesn’t change the process with translations etc…Technically speaking, a 40min MP3 encoded at 128 kbps weight approximately 40 MB, and it’s between 40 and 60 kB for a subtitle.Anyway, I think the video should be released without anything but the English main track, then people will download what they need: subtitles, commentary, Russian audio :)However it may not be easy for everyone to play an external source (even if it’s rather not complicated), so maybe the commentary should be in the video, but definitely not the subtitles.


We’re certainly having an audio commentary and it’s definitely going to be in the video. If nobody else offers, I’ll write a transcript for the audio commentary, I can’t translate it to anything though. I think, if they can be included, we might as well include the translations if we do them, since it’s just less fuss and a nice inclusion at basically no cost.


No real need to even encode the commentary at 128 kbps. Most voice codecs work well enough with far lower bitrates due to the limited frequency band of voice signals (that’s the electrical engineer speaking :P). So encoding it with mp3 should be able to produce unnoticeably worse quality at a lower size given the tuned down background sound. So you’d even get lower than 40 MB I think.As for the subtitles: fine by me, as long as it stays optional. If someone wants to invest the time to make them, fine. They don’t need to be included in the video by default though. If someone wants them, download them and look out for an option to load them in your video player of choice. And again, I vote no on the Russian audio stream. Sorry.


I’m ok for the commentary being included, but if you want the subtitles to be in the video, it will have to be in a .mkv container, and I don’t know how RE or Dox feel about it, plus you won’t be able to modify them after or add other translation. Speaking of translation, I sure can translate them into French and Foxtreme seems ok for Spanish. German would be useful too I think.


Audio commentary should be a 2nd audio track in the video. Subtitles should be an external file.


-Hey look I edited this out.


We’re not re-releasing the video just to have the mp3 of the audio commentary are we? Surely not. It’d just be an external mp3, I’d assume?


Unless we want commentary, were gonna have to.




Inex, you were talking about HL2DQ? In short, I think EP1DQ should be released like HL2DQ, and then release the commentary and the subtitles for both of the videos separately. But, if you want to merge all the things, then I vote for MKV container, but it’s a technical choice more than practical, because MP4 would be easier for more people.


Well I thought CooL was talking about HL2DQ, and us having to redo the video just for the commentary, as I figured we’d just release it as an external mp3?


Yeah, redoing the HL2DQ video is unnecesary, a mp3 will be fine.


So no subtitles?


Subtitles will be an external file too.For EP1, I wouldn’t like to embed the subtitles to the video. (If we are going for .mkv, it would be fine if they can be switched off, but I don’t care.)


Well I’d be fine with subtitles (For the audio commentary of course) to be in the video, but I’d want that to be totally optional and default as no subtitles. I’d think we want to include options for people, but keeping the original video as default with no extra sounds, subtitles or anything.


So are we done with the transcript already? Did Josh finish the entire 00:00 to 30:00 by himself before he left? If not, I could offer to do some more transcribing before 30:00, but maybe someone else who hasn’t done anything would like to? :smiley:

And if we are finished with the transcript, I’m guessing it’s time to start translating the commentary? I have already offered to translate it into Swedish, but to do so I would need the transcript for 00:00 - 30:00.

So, where do we stand?


Yeah, I have the entire commentary transcription. I’ll finish English subtitles later today. Anyway you can start translating right now if you want to :wink:


Sure. I just need the transcript then. =)