Coming together in a skype call and laugh


I asked everyone who frequently hangs out in the skype call and talks and a bunch of others.

Basically the only time that suits all of us (except for matmo, but he should be able to make it regardless) is

thursday july 4
3 PM for Gocnak and z1m
8 PM for unrealcanine
9 PM for me, darwin, pruno
11 PM for Yalter
4:30 AM for matmo (Friday 5th)

Anyone else not listed I haven’t asked. Add yourself.


Forgot to mention that this is DWaHMoV runner only :stuck_out_tongue:


Darwin could you link your doc?


Also, has everyone who’s gonna be talking been given this information?


No, thats why I asked you to post it here


No by information I meant at what time we’re gonna be having the call.


They have now.