Collection of hl2dq movies


With new ep1dq going on, I watched hl2dq again in ages and realized how amazing the run is for the first time (call me self-contented bastard but I didn’t feel this way before :).

It’s because arguing about AHK and flying disgusted me too much since some of the people talks like it’s simply cheating without knowing how hard we worked for when it was released. But now it’s all in the past. So I thank Inexistence for resurrecting ep1dq.

I probably didn’t watch it again if it didn’t happen.Anyway, enough of my idle chatter.Here’s my collection of hl2dq movies I have. I don’t think everyone will have fun watching them but you can see how much the run was evolved, so I wanted to share this with you. Hope you enjoy.

hl2dq Trailer (2004)

hl2dq trailer version 2 (2004)

lightningx_coast (2004)

Coast Done Quick (2004)

Follow Freeman done Quick (2004/12)

Ravenholm done Quick (2004)

Ravenholm Re-Run (2004/12/27)Directed by jrb from shaolin productions. Recommended.

Max]I[muS-X’s d2_prison_01_p1 recamed by me (2006/final run)

Inex Edit: Fixed up the links and whatnot :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s great stuff. Thanks for sharing all some oldschool material! :smiley:


Wow dude. All amazing stuff. It’s crazy how different all that is to what the finished product was. Incredible that it started out as not even bunnyhopping, just sprint jumping everywhere.


Amazing how far they came.


Yeah it sure changed a lot. :smiley:

To tell the truth, I wasn’t happy when flying was discovered because my coast_05 (where the rollermine jump takes place) time was beaten by the ‘cheap’ way. It eventually turned out it’s faster to bunnyhop across the coasts though.I have nothing against flying now because I know it also needs skill and it isn’t different from gravjump in terms of physics exploit.

Looking through Cool’s favorites on youtube, I found the tricks video being posted. I haven’t thought we got so many views for that video (all those usual ‘you cheated’ comments aside :P). I wonder how many people watched hl2dq, since I remember there weren’t many comments on news sites when it was released.


Awesome collection. I enjoyed watching them :slight_smile: