Collaborative Hazardous Course 2 Speedrun


(Now, Possible is in the title because I have no idea if anyone wants to join me in the run.)

I was actually going to do this myself, in fact I already have 6 segments
then I realized how many maps there were,

38, there are 38 maps, for a mod thats quite alot.
I also feel that its a more “well known” mod that people might want to participate in

So, if you want to participate in the run, contact me on skype at WindedCone859 and ill explain how it all works (also people wanting to find routes/other things are welcome)

most if not all things about the run will be done in skype
this is mostly a recruitment page

Hazardous Course 2 Spreadsheet


Whilst I’d love to join in, the biggest problem is that I still have to get a graphics card so I’m able to get a stable 250fps (still not sure how long that will take). I’ll gladly help out.

EDIT: I added you on Skype.


Love this mod. Played it and got very frustrated. Would like to join in :smiley:


How is this run going? I couldn’t open the spreadsheet.


I think they gave up :smiley:

I tried to speedrun the mod, i raged so hard :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s still progressing, steadily, but it is.


Not sure what made you think this, but we’re about halfway through completing the run.

ovvy found a triggerdelay that skips pretty much half of the game so although we still have quite a bit to do (the mod is pretty long itself), we’re making steady progress.


Like 4 months ago, i was actualy thinking about running this mod, but the Barney part completely destroyed all my enthusiasm. Everything related to interactions with NPC`s in GoldSrc games make me cry. I pray to all possible and impossible universe gods before attempting Barney grenade skip or Lambda Core scientist skip, not even talking about nightmare in this mod.

But if you guys need help with some spare segments, [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i can try.


ok, I fixed the sheet, now as of writing this it is FAR from finished so its on like 5 even though were on 30
gona take some time to edit


Fun little TAS from the Half-Life Tas team,
hc2c3 in 52.332s

actually presents quite a nice route to take for this level


glad to hear this run is still progressing! Cant wait to see the finished run!


HC2 is my favorite mod. :slight_smile: