coast_07 Strat


I’ve noticed that a lot of people struggle with this map, including me. I spend the most time on this map in all of coast. Because of that, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out new ways to make that easier. I did a tutorial video on how I have managed to get a somewhat consistent strat for getting over to the house at the sort of “midway” point of the map.

The text may go by a little fast- I didn’t spend too much time fixing that. Pause the video if you have to.
If anyone has something to add on to this please let me know, I’d be more than willing to make a follow up video.


If you want to do a pixel setup, Jukspa’s grenade one is easy enough and very consistent.
You can set it up quickly and it’s not too precise so for most people I think it’s worth it.



I’d say the grenade strat is debatable. Keeping your HP and suit would be nice, along with not having to wait for a grenade to detonate. By the looks of it, that looks more consistent. If my way of getting over to that location is combined with the grenade strat, it may be faster.


the health doesn’t really matter at that point. It is a setup so it’s gonna be slower than just going for it, but it is extremely consistent


I guess it could be useful if you don’t have grenades.


The grenade setup isn’t slower than the ASH off the slope unless you get a really insane launch and go right into the tunnel. Reason being that it’s pretty easy to get the maintained speed into the tunnel with the setup and that saves more time than you would think. You also have to remember that the run is pretty long so in general it’s better to go for the safe strat that’s a bit slower.

There’s also the factor that the grenade setup barely needs to be practiced whereas the ASH off the slope is pretty difficult and you really need to grind that for hours and hours to get it down. So doing it also enables you to practice other parts of the game more. If you wanna do a really safe strat you can just grab something near the buildings and wallclimb over the forcefield. As a sidenote, I think the ABH on the edge was found by OVC.


As you said with practice, any strat should be practiced enough to get a feel for it. The ASH on the slope seems to be more of a luck-based-random-result strat, but I don’t do the ASH, so I shouldn’t have a say in that part.
The standing ASH out of the tunnel and over the gap requires practice, but once you get it consistently enough, it becomes muscle memory. Though, when I was testing this, I was loading from an autosave in the tunnel. If someone else could try this and notify me of their findings relating to consistency, that would be fantastic.


This was my feeling as well when I was doing it, although there’s definitely skill involved.