CoalMine Movie!


CoalMine is something that me, YaLTeR, Blasdfa and 2 other guys used to do in Half-Life Deathmatch.
Instead of playing the game the way like it’s meant to be played; being at the top of the scoreboard and doing impressive frags, we’ve developed a few of our methods which not only would get us tons of easy frags, but it would also allow us to have the best fun ever while all the players were yelling at us for what we do. Basically, we were trolling other players, or “noobs” as we call them (its hard to find good players in HLDM anyway). Here’s some of the results of the so-called “noob trolling” -

So last year we had an idea to make a movie about all this, since it was really fun. I’ve started working on it on August last year (2013) and did progress on and off at times, finally finishing now, one year later. I’d say it took a bit long, but it’s hard to maintain motivation when you’re doing things alone, especially when you’re a guy like me jumping from one project to another and never finishing anything :stuck_out_tongue:



Epic. Really amazing work with the editing btw!


Love this! Nice work Exe 8)


Nice one! Great work!


2:48 was magical!

#6 Deleted Scenes