Co-Op Runner Steam Names


Figured we need this topic.

Username: Steam Name

Inexistence: hollerance
TYPICAL: jetter0
Kingpin: Darksim
Scepheo: Scepheo
Trickmasters|MadMan: i wanna be goku
ExplodingCabbage: ExplodingCabbage
JDell: timschoen

Anyone else wants adding, just post.


Add me to the list Inexistence.

Steam name: Darksim

Username: Kingpin


I suggest that you edit in the steam friendlists add hotlink for convenience. By the way, the way steam community works when you search for a player is that it doesn’t look for people’s actual steamaccount name but rather what their current name is.

Inexistance - Inexistance
Kingpin - Darksim
Trickmasters|MadMan - i wanna be goku


If you have their “true” steam name you won’t have to search for them though.

I’m “igge” on steam but my steam account is “duku”. If you search for igge you’ll find a billion accounts, but if you add duku you’ll only get mine.


Scepheo - Scepheo




Please add me to the list.

Steam: timschoen


You also might add me to the list :slight_smile:

Username: MikeMatrix
Steam Name: mike_matrix


Ouh, I would like to be named DJell…


I’d be up to help find some routes so why not.

Pmk138: Pmk138


Hi there - I just found this website and I’d love to contribute to it, as I’m sure my partner will when I tell him about it.

Alias :: Account Name
BananasaurusRex :: Flying_Toast
Invictus :: DH_Invictus

At the end of the post I will include a link to our youtube channel where you’ll find all the videos we’ve uploaded so far. Some of our methods for courses 4 and 5 are now obsolete as they are the first two we did. I think you may find a few tweaks and improvements over some of the current routes on youtube by inexistence, adzicents, and others, though. I also have footage of some pretty solid solo speed runs of the co-op courses that I think I’m going to upload and post over in the soloing co-op section shortly. I believe some of my routes for those may introduce some improvements as well.

I can’t wait to become a part of this community and help come up with the best possible routes. See you around.



Hey guys, glad to become a part of the community with the guy above me. We’ve worked long and hard on all of our co-op records, and this is finally somewhere where we can hopefully get some positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Thanks again!


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello guys
I’ve been interested in co-op speedruns ever since I finished it regularly.
Thought I had found a partner, but he disappeared :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t have any videos on youtube yet though, as my internet is pretty poor and uploading takes ages.
(I do have a blind playthrough of SP though :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, my steam account name is


Add me,

Steam name: Crusefer
Username: Crusefer