Cleaning up the dropbox folder


This thing has hit nearly 1 gb which is insane.


Mop mop mop. I don’t think I even use the SR dropbox nowadays, so I’ve nothing important there :smiley:


If it’s only the size that bothers you, you can go into
Preferences » Advanced » Selective sync
And simply deselect folders you’re not interested in.


I know, still, I like to keep track of what’s going on.

There’s too much crap in here anyway that nobody seems to use and has been in for 2 years, might as well remove it and get organized.

Also, I still got plenty of room left in my overall DB so it isn’t really an issue. I just want to know wtf this shit is!


It is organized. And it would be gold worth if someone decides to pick up a project. Deleting it would delete all hours people have spent on it.


True, nvm then. I was drunk.