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While I applaud the HL2DQ team for producing marvelous runs and finding so many tricks that shave not just seconds but minutes off the game, listening to people talk about “releases” from PROViSiON, etc puts me off to no end. If you can’t afford the game, then don’t play it. I can’t afford a Rolex, so I don’t have one. For those that complain, “I’m not going to buy it until they fix all the bugs,” gee, I think I’m going to just steal a GM car because 1) I can’t afford a car and 2) they have problems anyways.Beyond straight legal issues, I’m sure that any sort of high-level technical support from the HL2 team would suffer by the association of HL2DQ and getting your HL2 warez.$0.02 :expressionless:


That would be me, and a few others from Half-Life 2: Done Quick (Not episode 1). I bought HL2, but not Episode 1. I will only buy it when most the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch bugs have been fixed. There are a LOT more than you think. I just think they should finish one game before they move onto the next.Anyways, a GM car and a computer game are completely different.


Don’t look at me though Calvin, I bought HL2 and EP1…also don’t look in the folder called “BitComet”…or the folder called “IMG”…or “Movies”…or “Music”…um yeah, please don’t look at those - they’re empty cough coughI have downloaded a lot of games but I find it strange that not everybody on a forum called “HL2DQ” will pay for a HL2 game. Many crack-teams put in their txt files that “if you like this game, buy this game” - I think that is a good rule. I would never consider getting a warez version of a HL2 game because I want to support Valve and I think that the money I spend on the game is worth it. I don’t buy a lot of games, but I sure buy Valve games!Also EP1 is quite cheap (because it’s short?).Can’t wait to pay money to get EP2 and Portal! :stuck_out_tongue:


There are two things I really don’t like when it comes to games. An Unfinished Product and Being Ripped off.The difference? Well…If I were to buy Battle Field 2, I’d have an unfinished and buggy game. I might enjoy playing it for a while but then I’d get over it. Just like I did with Battle Field 2.Being ripped off? That’s paying £20 for 3 hours worth of playtime. What’s more, I now find out that the game no longer has the bugs I knew and enjoyed. Which is, I must admit, understandable from a developers point of view. The whole “£20 for 3 hours of play” thing is just complete bullshit though.Episodic content is a cheap way of making money. It may provide the players with enjoyment, but you’re still ripping them off.My 1,07869 pence. ((2 Cent to you Americans. :P))


£20 = $25.4818$20 = £15.6964EP1 should have been £15 to be more fairly priced. $20 (£15) was the limit I was willing to pay for EP1. Any more than that and I don’t think I would have felt satisfied with the price to gameplay-time ratio.


I didn’t buy it either. Over here in Australia its $40! :oIf you pay $40 for 3 hours gameplay you deserve to have a Perfect game that has no Stuttering sound crash and runs smooth.If you pay nothing for it you deserve to have a crashing game.Either way I still get a Crashing game. So I DESERVE to be able to get it for free.Do you see where i’m coming at here?



I’m not sure if you can record Demo’s with Steam Buster… Which is a steam emulator. But if you get a Cracked Steam client you would be able to. It Might work in SteamBuster (maybe if you choose “Use with Steam”, always log in to a blank account though).The most help I can give with gcfs is to try, to make it easier I’ll go check there now. If they don’t have it I’ll request it there so if you check there it might be there already :slight_smile: