cl_interp value swithing while capturing video fra


There are some things I found while capturing video from phase2 demos through d2_prison_07I think it is interesting because only knows about "cl_interp 0.015"Since valve provided us a solution to fix jump twitching, using it causing some troublesAt most of time these values are ok:cl_interp 0.015 - to avoid jumps twitching (almost)cl_interp_npcs 0.1 - to smooth NPCs’ moves, this value should not be changedIf you watch demos with these values, you may see “buggy” moves of some mechanisms or some other bugs caused by "cl_interp 0.015"Thats why cl_interp needed to be switched to default value (0.1)Bind some key to value 0.1 and another for 0.015, for example:bind [ "cl_interp 0.1"bind ] “cl_interp 0.015"It needed for easy switching"cl_interp switch” means that you change value to 0.1 before buggy event and back to 0.015 afterYou need to switch cl_interp to avoid those cases:1)while some mechanisms moving a)lift brackets opens/closes - trainstation_04_p2 - eli_01 - prison_06_p1 b)combine doors opens/closes - prison_06_p1 - prison_06_p2 c)combine prison cell shows/hides Eli - prison_06_p1 d)door hole opens/closes - trainstation_01 e)combine earthquakers* - coast_03 - coast_12 f)airlock guns and scanner - eli_01 g)teleport turn on glass and switch - trainstation_05_p12)while you getting up - trainstation_04_p23)when you landing near broken house (player falls through earth for a few frames) - coast_11_p14)ball while holding by gravgun+jumping going out of screen* - eli_02* I guess these cases are not needed to be avoidedMaybe there is much easier way to avoid “cl_interp 0.015 bugs” than switching ?I think this is not very hard to switch while capturing video framesWuhh, so big text =)


The only problem I can see is that you have to sit next to the screen while capturing, which may seem a bit frustrating. I wish there were an easier way to fix all these bugs with watching demos… Thanks for the info!