Citadel 04


Segment 1 and only.

  1. Bunny hop down the narrow corridor into the room with the roller mines.
  2. Try to get as close to that computer that Alyx uses as possible as she walks towards you at one point. Pushing her towards this computer is also a possibility to consider.
  3. Get her to re jigger the roller mines once they appear from the wall.
  4. Waaaaaaaait for iiiiiiiiit.
  5. Punt the rollers at the soldiers.
  6. Let Alyx let down the blue laser field and open the train, while she is doing this grab some extra health from the wall.
  7. Live out the long cut scene. :frowning:
  8. Crash into a… thing.
  9. When the screen is black you can still move, crouch and sprint towards Alyx and pull the stalker off of her.
  10. Look left and punt off the door from the train and get the nade out as you go through the hole. (If we’re feeling awesome we should also consider priming it as we go through the hole.)

You must finish this map with atleast 110+ of suit+health!

So there’s my first attempt at a route plan. Tell me if there’s something I missed out mistakes. I could also make it a little less childing if necessary. :wink:

The whole segment

Inex ('cause I’m consistent)

Record to beat: 2:52 (Foust)

Post in forum or message me on steam (TYPICAL) to get your vote on moving on. :slight_smile:

Save is in this .zip:…


Sounds good.


Good to me. Gonna get running it now. Nice to see some Steam going with the project. We’re almost done with Citadel guys! :smiley:


I got a 2:57, didn’t save it though. Did a TSA and got 2:54 with an imperfect combine fight and some messups with crouching. Perfect time around 2:52. I say we aim to sub 2:55.


I have no idea how you’re supposed to sprint towards Alyx on the train. It’s so narrow in there, even when you can see again the only way to move forward is to crouch, and that very slowly. No idea what you mean with “crouch & sprint” since that’s usually not possible, is it? I guess before I know that I don’t even need to continue running cause that’s where I lose all those seconds. I suggest we record a route demo for future maps. It’s way easier to understand what you’re exactly supposed to do. In this case it wouldn’t help much (since you can’t see anyway), but in general it’d be a lot runner-friendlier (!?) :stuck_out_tongue:


==============Speed Crawling==============Team Discoverer: DaleLewillDescription: Using the sprinting ability to travel faster while crawling.Explanation-----------If you hold the sprint button before you enter a crawl, you are able to crawl at faster speeds until your suit power runs out.


Oh, okay. Wasn’t aware of that or the fact that it still worked in Ep1. Gonna give it another shot then, thanks.


Got a 2:52! Can we move on now, please? I want my segment, damnit! :DD


2:52! That sounds awesome! Can I get a download link please?I think it’s also the time that Inex got when he was TAS’ing it so I vote to move on. =p


Wow. That was quick. Yeah, I got a 2:52 with some imperfect TASing, so I figure it’s a good guide for normal play. Could we get a link to the demo, see if we think we can improve it at all?


Where is the demo 0_0


Doxliy is impatient. DO NOT DARE KEEP HIM WAITING.


No, you can not have the demo because you will try to beat my time which sucks. But here it is.


EDIT: I lied, I hate that time. I say that AT LEAST 2:48 is possible.


What a coincidence. I just did that. Hi!


Great run. I maybe think the last combine could’ve been killed a tiny bit quicker, but other than that I loved it. I admit to not really being knowledgeable or good enough at this map to make any judgment, so I’ll just go with what you guys suggest when we move on.


You really drive me crazy guys =) Keep movin =)


We love you too doxliy! :smiley:


I love fousts run etc…


Right, everyone’s confirmed. We’re done with this map, well done niklas, 2:47. Might need to actually post it in the thread though. I’m sure Typical will update the topic with everything he needs to. <3<3<3, so long citadel!