Okay guys, we’re here. We finally get to kill some enemies, which I’m sure everyone is excited about.

So, here’s the route I think is best. Tell me if you disagree or think something should be added/removed/changed.

Citadel_01 Route Guide:

  1. Bunnyhop down the corridor
  2. If you think it’s worth it, look to the left a little and get a little health and ammo from the recharger, just as you pass by it.
  3. Go to the bridge, grab an orb and fire at the left orb catcher, jumping as the orb flies into it, so you get on the bridge just as the bridge appears.
  4. Walk onto the laser bridge, but as soon as you can do a strafejump over to the left hand side, so you no longer walk on the bridge. This avoids a trigger that spawns the combine.
  5. Bunnyhop down there
  6. Put the two orbs into the orb catchers and begin to hop down the bridge. Consider grabbing a wild orb and flying over or underneath the trigger on this second bridge
  7. Kill as many combine as you can without straying from bunnyhopping down the bridge
  8. Get to the start of the next bridge, grab an orb and fire it at the left orb catcher, then one at the right. Do the left first as it will take longer to actually go in there, since it has to rebound.
  9. Bunnyhop down the bridge, again killing as many combine as you can without straying off route
  10. When you get to the end, either sprint-crawl through the gap or do a gravity-jump over it. I personally do the sprint-crawl, as I fail at the gravity jump
  11. Go through the corridors, look to your left and kill the combine very easily, just click at them a few times
  12. Bunnyhop along the path some more, and make sure the gunship has set off and is going to explode. You want it to already have exploded by the time Alyx gets here
  13. Run back and find Alyx
    14) If you did it very quick, and she hasn’t jumped over the gap yet, stand at her starting point. When I did this once, she teleported straight to the other side. I haven’t tried it since. Needs testing
  14. Now just run forward, and lead Alyx to the end. It seems she sometimes walks, so to make her run try to stay within a certain range of her. You’ll figure it out.
  15. Wait for her to open the door, then run in
  16. Go through the corridor, and watch out for the falling metal.
    18) There’s a choice here. Either grab a piece of metal now, or grab it at the start of the next map. What do you guys think? It’s there on both

And that’s all I have. Italics are optional things. Bold is things that need a choice.

Any input? And good luck with this map. Our time to beat from Phase 1 is: 1:25

The save file is in this demo archive. Good luck all!


Updated with the save file we’re using for the map. Sorry about it being just bashing into a wall, but holding left and forward while it loads dislodges you well enough.


…I got a 1:24. Go me.


Edited to alter the initial route.Fastest time yet is 1:16 by Typical.


Make that a 1:15. Going to try to sub. Enjoy the bonus demo of the TSA of 1:13.…del_02.rar.htmlEdit: 1:13 achieved.…del_02.rar.html


Well, amazing show. I know it’s only been a few days since we started, but I think that’s the lowest we’ll get. I’m not running this anymore, Typical is happy with his time, CooL agrees and as far as I know we were the only 3 running it.So yeah, I’d say we’re now officially on ep1_citadel_02b. Good show Typical :smiley:


I fucked up and didn’t put the right save in that file. I think Josh is sorting it out with the SDA guys if I can’t find the save file. They reckon it will be fine as long as we don’t abuse health and that we’re in the same position (where I was looking will probably count as well) and are pretty much the same then they’re fine with it.


Doesn’t this put us in the situation that the video assembly will have a gap between 02 and 02b? Even a slight difference in the position will be noticeable in the end. Couldn’t you just try a re-run of the map or was it really hard to get that time? I haven’t had time to watch your demo yet and I’m not at my own computer right now.


No. I believe that if you type: “cl_showpos 1” into the console it will give you an accurate reading of where you are standing, looking and how fast you are going.If you’re talking about the demo then I think i included a _2 in that .rar.


I’m gonna hold off on making a citadel_02b until we can get this sorted. That, and I’m lazy. I had an attempt at getting this to work again yesterday, but I just couldn’t get it all to jam right. This was mainly due to my uncooperative computer. Here’s what I did, for anyone who wants to try:playdemo ep1_citadel_02_blahblahtypical’sdemo_2; demo_pause(This will play the _2 demo and pause it as soon as it’s open, this is essential since the demo is only 2 ticks long)demoui in console, and skip forward one tick.getpos in console, then it will give you a setpos position. Copy that.Load up ep1_citadel_02, go through the map, make sure you trigger the metal at the end, and have Alyx a bit up, and then when you go through the map trigger, press console as the map is loading.Hopefully you did it right and the console opens as soon as the level is ready. So then turn cheats on (sv_cheats 1), then paste the whole setpos work.Turn off cheats (sv_cheats 0), and then save a new save file (save ep1_citadel_02b)Hopefully this should work. In the case that ep1_citadel_02b is like ep1_citadel_01 with the bug of saving right at the start of the map, though I don’t believe it is, just close console and open it again as quick as you can. It should give enough time for the map to kick in.

#11 said that we could make a new safe as long as we had the same health at the end and the position was about the same.That’s the save we’ll end up loading from for citadel_02b. It’s not the correct one but it looks close enough to the original ending point. I worked quite hard on it as it also has the similar velocity to the end of the other demo.


I tried citadel_02b a little today and finished it in 1:56 with the piece of metal. Honestly I think that’s good enough already. Firstly because it’s already a 2 second improvement on the phase 1 time, and secondly because I think that we won’t be able to save a lot more time than that considering we’ll always lose some time at the beginning due to picking up the piece of metal and bunnyhopping it to the elevator. So actually this means that the phase 1 improvement is even more than 2 seconds.I think we shouldn’t waste much time on that part since it’s rather boring and there’s really only very little room for improvements. Next would be citadel_03 and that’s where it finally gets interesting! So whatcha think? Anyone else wanna try citadel_02b or should we settle for 1:56 and move on to something more fun? :DEdit: Well that’s just great. For some reason NO ONE COULD UNDERSTAND the f********** game didn’t create an autosave… it’s just so frustrating to realise things like this.Edit: Edit: 1:52, this time with the correct save. So that makes 6 seconds improvement. Now, move on or keep trying?


Uhhhhhhhhhhh… Fine move on but don’t forget we need everyone to agree to move on and Inex is away currently.


Oh, didn’t know inex was away. How long is he gonna be gone then? If it’s not two weeks I guess we can wait for him. And what about DemonStrate, o40 and lightning-x? Are these three running the map at the moment?


Hey, I’m still away at LAN. I’ll be getting home later today, so I’ll have a look. Just remember, we don’t want to rush this project at all, and know that we wanted to just move on on citadel_00 since “there’s no way to save more time”, but… well… you know how it turned out :stuck_out_tongue:


I await your arrival with full anticipation.


Apparently I already had an account on these forums, who knew? I replied in the HL2: EP1 topic at SDA, and was referred here. How’s everyone doing? =D


We’re getting along quite well. Hopefully we’ll get some more focus when we all get back from holidays. I’m going to Egypt for 10 days on the 18th. You reckon they haz toobz?



Right, I’m back in black, and we need to get moving on this. I’m gonna get running _02b, because I fee as if it can be beaten. I’ll probably run it and then realise how good of a time that is, but we’ll see.Me and CooL have talked about this map a bit. I’ve had a mess around, and I can’t find a place where you can just jump to the bottom and skip anywhere, since Alyx gets stuck up there.I’d like to find out the exact time you’re able to kill the stalker, as I know that you can’t kill it instantly.As well as this, CooL mentioned that if you shoot an orb at the falling debris, it saves time. I assume that this would be because it counts as knocking it away, and it makes the other debris appear quicker. Still though, I’m not sure if it’d save any time as the elevator would surely move at the same speed regardless?I think the key to it is the stalker kill, as I’d say that’s the hardest part.Like I say, I’ll have a run, see what’s possible.