Cheater ‘newifyy’ banned + the future of anticheat in GoldSrc speedrunning


It has come to our attention that runner ‘newifyy‘ has intentionally submitted cheated runs to the ‘Scriptless’ category on the Half-Life leaderboards.

Rule broken (quoted from

Runs done in this category must not use the ‘wait’ command or any scripts, aliases, macros, turbo buttons, hyper-scrolling and so on..

Methods of cheating included enabling BXT‘s bxt_autojump cvar for frame perfect jump timing, as well as using an in-game script to consistently perform perfect object boosts.

All cheated submissions have been removed and ‘newifyy’ has received a 6 month ban from run verification.

More info:

Thanks to community members d0t and Griffin for their contributions to this topic.


lmao newifyy copyright striked the video

that basically tells alot about him (ik old topic)


Well, time to sue that guy.

(not actually worth the effort I’m sure :-\ )


There’s a non-YouTube link for the video on the news post: