Changing HUD color


I have a problem with HUD_color in Half Life 1, not AG mod, in AG work.
I tried to modify that blue hud from openag in another colour, and now i want 1st colour, that blue from openag.
I put hud_color 0 200 400 in Hl1 console but DONT WORK, the colour remain YELLOW, old style…
I redownload the openag client, but same dont work…Why if i put hud_color xxx xxx xxx (x-colour) dont work ?
what i can do?to modify this hud in other colours and, sure, blue?


Bxt_hud_color “0 200 400”
And it can’t be ->400 D
Bxt_hud_color “0 200 255”


Thank you.
Now i have this problem with crosshair gauss, and probably crossbow.I put new cross in sprites, from izo, with i_gauss.spr and that txt.
And look same like this