Chamber 19 LAG


I’m learning the route for Portal inbounds and ran into this problem when attempting the LAG in 19.
[/color]When I pull the trick off correctly, I’ll do the clip just fine and everything, but I’ll fall straight through the floor. I’m re-crouching after doing the clip but I still fall out of bounds.
[/color]I even tried no-clipping back up to continue the tutorial in hopes I’d figure out later, but when I tried to turn no-clip off I fell through the floor again.
[/color]Also here is a link to a demo of me and my problems:


[/color]You need to fire a portal as you do it so that you don’t fall.


So I’m going to need to shoot two portals?


Shoot a portal as you jump into the one in the ceiling. The portal should land after you jump through. Any 19 LAG tutorial should cover all of this stuff.


You’re going to need to shoot five total actually, two to get on top of the sign, two to set up LAG, and one to cancel its effects after teleporting. The last portal you fire, no exceptions HAS to be the portal you jumped through, or it won’t have any effect whatsoever.