Centaur1um temporarily stepping down from the SourceRuns administration


Centaur1um (Jared), the founder of this community, told me today that I’m going to be handling the SourceRuns administration on my own for some time. Since SourceRuns has been substantially growing for quite a while now there’s a lot of members, projects and questions that at some points need to be taken care of in different ways. That means that sometimes your personal life can get in the way of managing a community like this, and Jared feels he needs to focus on other important things the coming weeks/months.

Completely understandable and respectable, and in reality this doesn’t really mean that anything is going to be changed around here. What it basically means is that if you have questions regarding official SourceRuns business (stuff like uploading to the channel, the forums, joining the Skype group chat, our Dropbox and other ideas or questions in general) you should turn to me (instead of Jared and/or me). And depending on what subject it’s about I’ll most likely redirect you to a prominent member of the community handling his own project within SourceRuns. We *are *a community and that means we’re all working together on achieving stuff.

As I mentioned this is only temporarily and doesn’t really mean that much. But just so you know, until Jared get’s back, just turn to me if you have any official SourceRuns questions or ideas.


Man, it sure feels good to know no body here cares that I’m leaving. This might as well be permanent now. I’m going to strip myself of my admin rights now, and disassociate myself from SourceRuns from now on.


I honestly lol’d


Well… I didn’t really see the point in responding, I mean if it doesn’t change anything I’m pretty sure everyone will just wait


NOOOOO Jared, we’ll miss you. Who will beat the 0.94 bunnyrace_beta2. world record now? Only someone of your stature would be able to do such a tremendous feat.




Except yaknow, it wasn’t a post that warranted/expected any kind of response beyond “okay” and this is a forum, so one-word replies are generally looked down on (and even someone saying just okay you could pass off as an apathetic/lack of care kind of response).

Had you posted it yourself, saying you were going to take a break and shiz, then people would’ve responded along the lines of “okay, see you when you’re back”, but seeing as someone else posted it you weren’t there to have people say it to you.

Although now there is, so… goodbye…? I guess.


See you later!


:’( :’( :’( :’(
i’ll miss you


It was probably bound to happen anyway. Not-so-great shit is going down that is stressing me to death, and I didn’t want to write it myself as its near impossible to keep a level head.


This should help.

Jokes aside, hope everything goes well for you.


Thanks. Though, I should apologize for the above statement that seems so drama-filled. Whenever I deal with grief or too much stress, I lose all judgement, and I’ve been a wreck for the past week or so, so disregard what I said, as cringy as it was. However, I do need a lot of time away from things in-general, and enough time to stop being such an emotional trainwreck.


We love you Jared <3