Cats can hide booze


Cats, excellence. :>


Cats are awesome, way better than dogs.

Let the flame war BEGINZZ!




My cat tries to sleep on my lap while I’m at the computer meaning I need to sit way back and lean forward to reach the keyboard. My dog on the other hand lies right behind the chair meaning I can’t move back.


They work as a team to inconvenience their human.


I prefer goldfish. Or cacti.

Edit: definitely cacti.


I prefer to drink cats as well. They are cute <3 and taste funny.

Also we used to have a cat called Ronny who peed and pooped in our neighbours gardens. One night our neighbours came to our house, like an angry mob with torches, and told us that “This shit (cat shit that is) can’t continue!” We had to give him away and that’s how the story ends. :frowning:


I have two cats. I can’t sleep at night.


Lol at first I tought those were real photos :smiley: