Can't record demos properly


Hello there. I have a problem. I’m using Bunnymod XT with NGHL and I can’t record demos properly. I tried the " bind “map c1a0;bxt_hud_timer 1;bxt_timer_reset;bxt_timer_start;bxt_autorecord run”. " thing, but NGHL ends the demo at every transition between the maps ( i.e c1a0a -c1a0b etc ). So it’s impossible for me to record a full demo of my run…How I can fix this ?


NGHL comes with a few custom DLLs (Rofi’s Client DLL and an old Bunnymod game DLL). RCD has an “autorecord” feature which, if I remember right, stops and records a new demo on every map change (presumably because NGHL was designed for multiplayer purposes).

You’ll need to replace valve/cl_dlls/client.dll with a vanilla client.dll (I recommend the one from the WON Package, it’s in valve_WON/cl_dlls) in order for the continuous demo recording to work.

EDIT: You could also disable it from the console, but I don’t remember what the cvar is (anyone?).


In RCD it’s simply cl_autorecord, but I suggest using the vanilla client.dll like PJC said.


Thank you very much ! :d