Can't properly record demos.


Hey guys,im new to this speedrun community.
Im having problems using NGHL.
The problem is that NGHL only records c1a0 and when loading comes in it stops recording demo,it dosent record next map(c1a0a).
Does anybody know this problem?
And do you also know where NGHL demos are located?


Hello, NGHL cannot record demos past level changes (it’s built on an older engine). For a newer engine, check out the GoldSrc Package. The demos are stored in [Half-Life folder][mod name], for example Half-Life\valve.


Can you tell me how to make segmented speedrun please.
I wanna know how to save at the beggining of map and in the middle of map.

bind <key> "load seg1;bxt_record seg1"
bind <key> "save seg2;stop"
bind <key> "load seg2;bxt_record seg3"

I think it would go a little something like that. (I wouldn’t really know because I’ve never done a segmented but that’s how I would do it if I were to run a segmented.)
You have you use BXT in order to record at the beginning of a map via a script.
I would also recommend backuping all of your saves/demos in case something happens to them, like overwriting them by accident.

You can also check out this page for more help:


But i don’t know how to start recording demos when the map switches(example,t0a0 to t0a1 it records t0a0 but dosen’t record t0a1),every time i try to do it i lose some frames.


It can, it’s only not possible on the WON engines.


What’s difference between WON and original?
But can i record past level changes in BunnymodXT?
And how to do it?


Eh, WON IS the original (unless there’s an earlier one I don’t know about? ??? ). There’ve been updated versions since then (e.g. the latest Steam version). I don’t know off the top of my head whether BunnymodXT has some kind of auto-record feature. I’m sure I head of there being some kind of thing a while ago, but I’ll wait for someone more informed to jump in with a proper answer.


You will have to use goldsource package to record a demo through multiple maps.

It requires that you have half life already in your steam library.


Check your “game.cfg” in the “valve” folder, maybe it contains the “stop” command which stops the demo recording on level changes.


Yalter,I can’t find “game.cfg” in “valve” directory,btw im using GoldSrc Package.


The GoldSrc Package should be good to go.


Do you know how to fix this error.When i start Half-Life this happends.
Fatal Error
Failed to initalize authentication interface. Exiting…

I tried the GoldSrc package to record by past map changes but it didnt work,i tried both versions.


What exactly are you doing?


Im trying to record demos past level changes.
When i type in console map c1a0,i type record 1.
I play normally,but when loading comes in i come to the hev suit and type stop in console.
Then i type viewdemo 1.
But it only records to the loading screen and stops.


viewdemo can’t play past level changes, use playdemo.


Thank you very much!