Can't Load Half life through NGHL


I’ve been using steam and bunnymod to run HL, But people use NGHL, i installed it with the default installation settings but when i try to launch half lifeit comes up with this crash

Not sure what is not allowing me to launch half life.

I am so confused :’(


Why does it matter what people are using? Why would you even want to use NGHL? Latest steam is better and I’m assuming it works just fine for you.


Just want try try NGHL Out cos it seems more better.

So… can i fix this somehow?


The majority of people don’t use NGHL though, they use latest Steam.


Maybe he wants to use NGHL.

Try running as an admin or re-installing it in a folder on your desktop, sometimes HL configurations from older installations can interfere with one another and cause crashes, specifically in NGHL I find.


Or disabling DEP on hl.exe, causes exactly this when enabled on some machines.


I done both of these and it works perfectly, Thanks for the help BitRain and YaLTeR