Can't Even's Aperture Tag WR


He has wr, 20:01, but it’s not on What the fuck


Here is a very crazy idea: he didnt submit it - thats why its not there :o


He submitted it, but he didn’t follow the rules of the category, I believe he loaded a save lmao I forget

EDIT: Yea, that’s what happened. Here’s the reason I posted for removing it.

Rejected: quick save/load at 19:48, and the rules are there and no one wants to discuss them because the community’s extinct

Here’s the rules for reference:
Timing starts on the white flash (When the Crosshair appears) and ends on the cut to credits.

Removal of loading times are encouraged, and can be done so with Sourcesplit plugin for Livesplit.

Runs require a video, or a reputable eye-witness. [as of 3/30/16]

Scripts are not allowed.

Rules on console commands:
-Allowed console commands: “cl_showpos 1”, “load autosave”, and “sv_player_funnel_into_portals”
-Use of Quicksaves are banned
-Loading autosaves and restarting the level (restartlevel) is allowed
-Any command that changes the way the game runs (modifying tick rate) is banned