Can't ABH in HL2 Ghosting Mod


Hey everyone,

I downloaded Gocnaks Ghosting Mod and I can’t ABH, I’ve binded scroll wheel up and down as jump and I’ve followed the tutorials on YouTube, but it doesn’t work for me, whenever I keep jumping backwards, it’s as if I were jumping fowards. I’ve even trying doing it with 0.5 timescale, but no luck. I have Source SDK 2007 installed and the mod says it’s running Source Engine 14, but I can’t ABH.


Are you unintentionally continuing to hold the S/back key after the first jump?


That’s what I did at first, I’ve tried letting go of S after the first jump but it slows me down until I eventually stop in place. Do you know of a tutorial of ABHing that goes in depth on how to jump? That would be very much appreciated.


The crazy way to do it is to bind the mouse wheel down to jump and up to jump as well, then just keep scrolling the mouse wheel up and down.

But the calm way to do it is to bind the mouse wheel up and down to jump and time your jumps

have better luck then me. : )