Cannot record demo - PROViSiON w/ Update 1


Hey guys,Anybody else having this problem. When ever I attempt to record a demo, it just freezes. It happens with and without update 1.Does anybody know a fix for it?Cheers,- GordonP.S. Don’t tell me to buy the game. I won’t buy the game until VALVe has fixed all the bug in HL2: DM.


I think I heard there was a patch or something for the cracked version but I bought it so I have no idea.


I will check… I have update one, which fixed missing texture (cube maps I believe)


and where the heck would you get the cracked patch?


Hmm. Im, I cannot find anything. Did this happen to other people not using the provision release? I know there have been updates to the game, I saw in steam updates.



Thats an update. I said all the bugs. :)And this bug brought some awful hit reg for the crowbar, esh. I’ve demo’d it. it in hl2dm if you wanna see. It should not take 11 hacks to kill somebody (first kill) and 8, for me to die… It should take 4!! :frowning:


I play hl2dm, and the crowbar hit registration problem (which Ive never noticed myself) is no excuse to not buying the game.


Thats a LOT more than just crowbar hit registration problems. How about 40+ bugs. Go visit the bugs thread over at the SP HL2: DM sub forum. Sure, not all 40 are critical bugs, but many are.


I don’t see how HL2DM’s bugs have any bearing on your purchase of EP1 (although EP1 has its fair share of bugs).