canals_11 skip




You one crazy guy rama.



EDIT: yeah I have no clue about strats.


Oh my god, does this mean DWaHMoV 2.0?!


I just watched a thing. I am amazed and scared. You actually just I don’t have words here I’ll just repeat

Question: if more skips like this are found will NE be faster than OE again? :o

edit: this happened to my post initially: [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]


How do you get over the gate whose close trigger you normally use the boat’s enter animation to skip? Cuz I tried to do the entire water hazard boatless and got stuck there. They’ve made it well, lots of very high clip brushes all around :confused:

Otherwise I imagine the rest will be quite doable and fast. This is really cool!


you shark past the gate


Crap. I kinda noticed that it closes slowly enough that if I had enough speed I could make it through, but I hoped there would be another way since it’s hard to accumulate and retain speed around there.


Even if there would be another(slower) way it wouldn’t most likely be worth it since you have to go really fast to save time with this route.


To combat the inconsistency of the brick i found this chair in canals_10 which has worked for me 100% of the time using the orientation shown.