Canals_06-13 map editing?

i’m trying to figure out how to remove the water from the water hazard maps for a sv_friction 0 run i want to do purely for my own entertainment. i only got as far as canals_06 simply because i can only get the map to run on retail hl2 and not the old engine of hl2. is there a reason for this? i’ve looked everywhere to find a solution so any help what so ever is greatly appreciated.

Are you working with decompiled maps? If so, what version of HL2 are they from?

yes i have been decompiling the maps with vmex. and then i am recompiling them with the run map feature on hammer editor

Are the maps you used to decompile from Old Engine?

yes they are is there an old version of hammer i can use maybe?

Try decompiling the maps using BSPSource

just got done decompiling with bspsource and recompiling with hammer and i have the same issue. works on retail but not the old engine. i’m decompiling the same maps in my sourcemods map folder too.

What does the game do when you try and load those maps

crashes without any errors. the game just stops running