Can I get VAC ban for bunnymodXT and RInput?


Hi a few days back I was watching some speedruns of Half-Life1 and I really like it so I visit SourceRuns and download programs like bunnymodXT and RInput. And sadly because the HL game with it was crashing for me after loading I do really stupid thing and I try it with my steam version of HL which I buy on steam and have on my acc. I never join MP game or some server with it. I start game and these programs then open console write map c1a0 try some tricks and stuff with these programs and then I realize that I probably can get banned for it. Am I in troubles?


Playing singleplayer with BXT and RInput is completely safe and will not get you VAC banned even if you use your Steam installation of Half-Life.

On multiplayer, however, using BXT has a rather high risk of getting you banned, while RInput is completely safe. I think it’s whitelisted by Valve or something because it was being used in competitive CS scene back in the day; I’ve used it a few years ago myself and no ban.