Can I do it on speedrun ?


Hello !

I’m practicing speedrunning on half life, and I’m wondering if I could change my fps_max as I wish with bind keys.

I usually use fps_max 99.5 and fps_max 20, like may others, but it helps me, sometimes, to use fps_max 250 for example. But I’m feeling that’s a bit cheating so I’m asking myself if it’s allowed on official skilled hl speedrun or if it’s not.

Thank’s for helping me :slight_smile:


No, you are only allowed to use a max of 99.5 fps or lower


Depends on what category you’re running. A 100 (99.5) fps cap is only set in WON category (pretty much the main one, with uncapped bhop), however on Steam category (the one with bhopcap) there is no limit. Of course if you are not planning to submit anything to the leaderboards, you can use whatever you want.

To read more about the rules, check out the leaderboards: