c17_13 route and various strats


I was messing around in c17_13 the other day trying to come up with something better than the wall climb and this is what I ended up with
Better one:

And I’ve been wanting to post a couple of strats I’ve discovered over the last month or so, but I’ve had trouble registering to this site so now I’m posting it all at once.

prison_04 rocket jump

c17_05 barrelstrat

canals_11 puzzleskip

And a bonus TSA route for town_02 because why not


Wow, that c17_13 route I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately unless there is a way to do this without taking so much damage, this route and podskip will probably be mutually exclusive. I’m guessing this route would be both harder than and save more time than podskip.

edit: im actually gonna take that last part back. This probaly doesn’t save as much time as podskip :\


You can do podskip as well. You get 2 healthkits at the end of the tunnel and you can grab one more in the mini cave with the headcrab in it.


oh is there a third kit? didn’t know


Yes, in the cave circled:


Changed the route so it’s faster, easier to do and you take less damage.