CλNALS Speedrun by CooL and turreu


Howdy people! Here’s something I thought might interest you fellow mongoose.


Are you kidding me?? I’m actually starting to believe an ABH run of HL2 would be faster than a run done with the version HL2DQ uses. Looks insane. I can only imagine it took quite a few attempts to finish each segment. So how about you people start running EP2 again?


This is pure brilliance. Seriously the best, coolest and most badass HL2 footage i’ve ever seen. 8)

And also top notch video work, nice fps, and segment transitions is almost unseen (most Source speedruns is awfully weak at this part) and nice intro/outro clips.

Planning to do more? Coast? Full game?


I am so up for this myself. It would probably be *the *most fun ABH ever.


Woah, that was epic! Just awesome!

+1 for a coast run too :smiley:


Unbelievably nice work! Quadra said it all!


Holy cow! That’s what I call SPEED


This was a damn nice surprise! :smiley:

Fantastic run with some great production value (intro, enditing, visuals etc), it’s a beauty for the eye and for the mind! Great run indeed!

Coast run: +1


I like. Don’t feel much for the intro and music though.


Absolutely incredible, that was brilliant. +++++++7 for Coast run! I LOVE YOU TURREU


I seriously just got really hyped to do an entire rerun of HL2 using the current engine. If anyone’s with me, I’d be down for starting today basically.


What are you waiting for? Gather a team!
rayvex was hyped about this too, i think he might join. (Dark_Devil, oldschool from hl2dq d2_prison_02 segment, was only 14 years old, lol)


What what?! Did you just say that rayvex is the same person as Dark_Devil from HL2DQ?! Damn, I remember Dark_Devil from the good ol days… he’s come a long way since! He’s actually come ALL the way seing that he’s one of the absolute top HL runners today!


rayvex is Dark_Devil?! :O. My god, I never knew :’)


WTF did I just watch? :o


If we had a proper 1st page (what happened to that?) then ^THIS^ would be headline news!


lmao :smiley: I though everyone knew it. He is a really quiet person though. Not wasting any posts :stuck_out_tongue:


DAMN TURRE, I knew you were fucking good, but not fucking extraordinarily amazing. I love you more now than ever before.



u used hax this is not legit