Button Save Glitch


Button Save Glitch isn’t patched I guess. It would be really easy to fake a bsg, but here’s a video anyway http://puu.sh/nsYlA/7a6c9c3060.mp4

Portal_Rex said he’s also done it, so I guess I didn’t accidentally cheat. Now this game is even less fun. Long live the queen. I DID SAVE!


just now?


Can you up the demo?


ded game


Can you reproduce that consistently?


Sometime I get it first try sometimes it takes a lot more tries. I can get it pretty consistently on sp_a2_trust_fling. I’ve also gotten it on sp_a2_catapult_intro, sp_a2_ricochet, sp_a2_bridge_intro, sp_a2_pull_the_rug, and Portal Rex said he got it on sp_a3_crazy_box.