BunnyMod XT offset cursor on menu


having an issue with BXT 2.2
game loads everything correctly, but my mouse pointer won’t work correctly when i press escape to use the save, load, settings, and stuff. where the mouse pointer appears seems to be on an offset from the normal position of the pointer. This makes making saves to practice specific parts of the game very hard and frustrating

here’s the log from the injector, and here’s the batch file i use to launch my game

GoldSrc Package 2.2

This is a known issue with RInput. The only workaround would be using the console for everything instead of the menu, so either learn that or don’t inject RInput when launching the game.


if i don’t inject rinput when launching, will i be able to inject it at a later point? or is there an in game setting like in source engine games. if not, where can i learn about using the console to do hard saves and loads?