Bunnymod Pro Multiplayer


How can I get Bunnymod Pro or any form of uncapped bunnyhop working in multiplayer?
I’m running NGHL on Linux using WINE Windows compatibility layer.

Is there a dedicated server for Bunnymod or something like that?



I don’t think Bunnymod Pro supports multiplayer, even if it did, there are no servers for it.

Try out Adrenaline Gamer, a HLDM promod which has uncapped bunnyhop and lots of other features yet stays close to the original game.


Get BXT, LD_PRELOAD it into the server and set bxt_bhopcap to 0.


inb4 gets vac banned for hooking into server


It’s a shame that VAC bans people for this sort of stuff.
It’s not cheating but it will still flag up. :confused:


Just start the server with -insecure and you’ll be fine :wink:


I don’t really want to risk it.

Can I install BXT on NGHL?


If you hook BXT into a dedicated server downloaded via SteamCMD, exactly nothing will happen because it doesn’t even know your Steam account.

If you start the game in -insecure, nothing should happen as well even if you connect to insecure servers.

If you start the game and play singleplayer only, nothing will happen.

BXT does work with NGHL.


I’ve played on NGHL multiplayer with Bunnymod enabled, I didn’t have to dp anything specific to get it to work, but if you’re talking about doing it on Steam VAC protected servers, don’t use BXT because you’ll get a VAC ban, unless you’re hosting the server yourself.


Can NGHL join VAC servers?

I always thought that it could.


Nope, this was prior to me having Steam on my account, Steam wasn’t even open while I played it, they’re just insecure servers/cracked servers.


No, that’s not how it works.

You can join VAC secured servers with a non-steam client such as NGHL, but the server has to be cracked or created via non-steam client. VAC will still be running on such servers (and will allow everyone to join them), although it won’t be able to ban cheaters who play on a non-steam client.