BunnyJump-script for AHK


Hi there. I’m using a script in AHK for BunnyJumping in HL2, it works fine except for one problem. I can’t use any other key while I’m BunnyJumping. I’ll have to start out with W + Space and then continue that way. I can’t hold on to Space and then change W to say A or D in curves for example.What script did you guys use?


I am still using an old version of AHK, which I first used, version 1.0.24
The script is:

GetKeyState, state, LAlt, P
if State = U
Send, {Space}
Sleep, 1

I uploaded it to my webspace, so all you need to do is run AutoHotKey.exe, and everything should work fine.
If that doesn’t fix anything, then it’s probably your specific keyboard/motherboard, or whatever takes care of how many keys can be held down at once.


Thank you, it worked! But for some reason I have to jump with Alt now :SIs it possible to correct so I jump with space instead? Because if I jump with space now I jump regularly.EDIT: Found out how to correct it myself. Thanks once again!


Yeah. Left alt is what most people use/d.Enjoy :slight_smile:


Still works great, thanks once again!I’m just wondering… Did you guys use any script in the console? Like sv_airaccelerate or something like that?


Thanks for the script


And… Do we have a BunnyJump script for AHK FOR hl1?


hey can u give me hl2dm bunny hop scripts please i am installing autohotkey and i will learn how to do


The script is in this thread, do you people even look? <_<


Well, you did say bunnyhop script?


sorry lol but it’s strange that u give scripts like that :*LAlt::Loop{GetKeyState, state, LAlt, Pif State = Ubreak; Otherwise:Send, {Space}Sleep, 1}returni mean i thought it would be something like :Alias bind “…” “ctrl” ; “jump” …


The first kind are Autohotkey. The second is just a console command.


so do u have a command console which combines attack 1 and attack2 of shotguns


I don’t think that’s possible… I’ll go test it for you though.Edit: Not possible.


QUOTE (Pincus @ Aug 28 2008, 07:45 AM)*LAlt::Loop{GetKeyState, state, LAlt, Pif State = Ubreak; Otherwise:Send, {Space}Sleep, 1}So… What would this script look like if I wanted to use the RButton on the mouse?And also, how do I keep AHK from holding down the key forever as soon as I press it? I have to carefully make my way to the “exit” button because my mouse is throwing hundreds of right clicks out. I want it like that, but i want it to stop when i let go ><


What exactly are you asking? Do you want your right button to spam jump or do you want to spam your right button? :slight_smile:



*Rbutton::Loop{GetKeyState, state, Rbutton, Pif State = Ubreak; Otherwise:Send, {Space}Sleep, 1}//This will work as long as in Half Life your jump key is bound to space. :slight_smile:


Ohh Thank you so much, man. I tried so many different combinations on those scripts to see if they’d work. I guess I missed that one xDI remember reading one of the parts of the script needs to be what you have jump bound to in the actual game. So this makes perfect sense. Lol I feel like i’m watching the IQ version of HL2DQ xDThanks again~