hey, i know you guys use autohotkey to do this and a macro but i was wonder exactly what and how to do this, like the script and what version of hotkey. :smiley:

To archive the speed increase, all you need to do is hold +foward (W) and jump as soon as you land. You need to have good timing for this. That is why we use AHK.Here is my AHK folder. I think you should be able to just extra it where ever (\program files).http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/482885595/AutoHotkey.rarHold left Alt to trigger it.

I don’t gain momentum with this. Even if I hold W.

You gain speed if you hold W and jump as soon as you land. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

do you guys have a macro for the flying trick?i know it’s space+e super fast, but did you guys macro it, and if so, you have a link?

All you need to do is press +jump over and over and over. There is a program called AHK which can do that for you. There is a thread stickied here somewhere with the information about that.

For flying?isn’t that jump + e. i can do it…

All you do it grav the object, and look down. So you only need to press E once.Then press jump over and over.But for Ep1 I think you might need to press e over and over as well, to stop it from falling out of your “hands”. But I dunno, I never bothered with the Ep1 flying.

CODE *Space::Loop{GetKeyState, state, Space, Pif State = Ubreak; Otherwise:Send, {Space}Sleep, 1}return

Hey, if i were to want a script how would i go about doing it?(like making taking your finger off ‘a’ push the ‘d’ button just for a sec and vise versa…

Is there an easier way to bunny hop, like hold jump and you will keep jumping (like CS)

O BTWhow does he run so fast?is it part of the game

How what? The game jump automatically as soon as you land? All you have to do is hold +jump (space bar) while in the air until you land. It will jump as soon as you land. Then you need to release space bar, and hold it again.This does NOT work for Half-Life 2. It works for other games like Quake and Warsow.How does it run fast? You mean in the Half-Life 2: Done Quick speed run? That is in the game. It’s Half-Life 2’s own bunnyhop.What you do is hold +foward (w) and jump as soon as you land. You need extremely good timing, which is why we use AHK to do that for us :stuck_out_tongue:

QUOTE (synthiac @ Jul 29 2007, 04:12 AM) QUOTE (Pincus @ Jul 28 2007, 05:45 AM) which is why we use AHK to do that for us :stuck_out_tongue: I just posted the script (that I use). :wink: I think that script it outdated. I’d use this:CODE SetKeydelay, 30*LAlt::Send, {Space}returnBut I still have one problem with this script. If you press any other keys it will interrupt the jumping. Anyone know a fix to this?EDIT: I found a fix to my issue:CODE *LAlt::Loop {GetKeyState, state, LAlt, Pif State = UbreakSend, {Space}Sleep, 30}returnInput doesnt interrupt that!

I use this…*Space::Loop{GetKeyState, state, Space, Pif State = Ubreak; Otherwise:Send, {Space}Sleep, 1}returnworking with the newest version : )

I’ll still using the old script with the old version of AHK. It works fine :slight_smile: