Do you need to add a script for bunny hopping or do you just bind a key, can someone please help, thanks.


My Bh script : Loop{KeyWait, RButton, DSend {Space} ;Sleep, 30 ;}With Space bind to +jumpSo when I hold the Right mouse button I jump, and when I release it stop (I had to unbind MOUSE2)


Where would I put this script?


Any issues with VAC and software like this? I would assume so.


Hey guys, I’ve been playing HL2 & HL2DM for couple years now. I really love playing HL2DM.But iv been puzzled with this bunnyhop thing. I just cant get it and really would like to learn it to stand up to some of those guys who are always faster than everyone else on HL2DM :ph43r: Not only they go much faster by jumping around like bunnies, but they also get 95% of their shots to kills, and while in the air!!! :blink: As of now, I only have longjump and superjump binds as mods.I’ve tried David Lalt bhop exe…but i know for sure i’m not bhopping when i keep on just jumping all the time.From what I learned from this howto website, u need to be straffing left & right only (no forward or backword) and jumping. But it’s really hard to do!So i was wondering if anyone has an easier way to do it.I would also appreciate live demos…my steam name/login is yns5.Many thanks.yns5


It’s not in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. Only in the single player.


Pincus, I know for a fact that these players on Hl2DM are bhopping. As i said, they move around the map pretty fast by hopping around like bunnies…even during action…i’ve seen them play and spectated during their contests. I’ve asked a few of them and all said that they were bhopping. When I asked how they do it, most reply it’s too complicated to explain online.Some are doing it the hard way using the method developped by astrochimp. Here is a couple of nice but rather simplified tutorial:- http://cszen.com/index.php?topic=1468.msg20604- http://www.fidosrevenge.com/bhop/Other players are using script(s) and/or mods to make it easier.You can also find forums and discussions about the ethical issues of bhopping on HL2DM…so it does exist on HL2DM and i’ve been trying to learn it but in vain.Looking for help and guidance.If you want to see it for yourself, i could give you a few HL2DM servers where you will find bhoppers players.Thank you.yns5-


That is not bunnyhopping. That is over bouncing. There is a big difference.I know HL2: DM back to front, so i’m not lieing here.It is quite difficult to learn, and what you need to do is:1. Sprint into a strafe jump2. While in mid air, release forward and hold either strafe left/right depending on which way you are look.3. While still in the air HOLD crouch. Never let go of crouch.4. Just every time you land. Timing is VERY important here, because you want to avoid the friction of the ground, and be on the ground for the least time possible.You can’t really gain speed with this, just keep speed. This is NOT HL2 “bunnyhoping”, it’s not QuakeWorld Bunnyhopping, it’s hl2dm “over bouncing”.

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