Bunnyhopping with your AHK script in CS:S


Hello,today I played Half-Life² with your genius AHK script and then I had the idea that I can use this script with CS:S.But it doesnt work.I jump a small time after I already landed. The delay must be smaller.Bunnyhopping in GMOD is no problem.Im to stupid to modify your script so if you know how to please send my the script.I hope you can help me and I hope you ignore my BAD ENGLISH! :blink: GreetzmaaR.


Ok, using (for example):CODE Pause::Suspend*LAlt::Loop {GetKeyState, state, LAlt, Pif State = UbreakSend, {Space}Sleep, 30}returnJust change the “Sleep, 30” to something lower. The “30” represents 30 miliseconds. Try something like 5-15.


I was told that all those CS: S bunnyhopping videos were done without scripts/macros/whatever. I was also told quite a lot of them were done using the mouse scroll as +jump.


Well I think its not possible to use AHK for bunnyhopping in CS:SI tried many different values but it doesnt work.Thanks for help. :)Greetz


Yeah. I wonder how they do it. I’ve seen some bunnyhops which last for like 30 seconds. I last max of 5 seconds! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if u got the right timing and some binds like mwheelup or something and the right server settings like sv_accelerate 99999 bunnyhopping isnt hard.But bunnyhopping is fixed in cs:s and cs 1.6 sometimes i play counter strike beta with friends cause that make really fun and there you can bunnyhop without scripts but you have to practice a lot for the right timing.sry4badenglish.gr3333tZ.i love your videos!


Yeah, but i’ve seen some CS: S bhoping videos, saying no scripts, macros and default server settings.


bind “mwheeldown” +jumppractice makes perfect (this is how i do it in 1.6 anyway, never play source)edit: give acces to members only


Hehe perhaps a bit late to reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with bhop in CS:S is the tickrate. I’m not sure how to check the server tickrate but in some cases the server name states the tickrate. If the tickrate is 100 there should be no problem to use a bhop script. If the tickrate is lower (66 or even as low as 33) you’re better of with the scrollwheel.

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