Bunnyhopping the start of half life *UPDATED*


Me trying to bunnyhop
new version 5 seconds fasterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa2kCGAKdXowhat do you think
this was done with a cheat, which is host_framerate
played in slowmo and then viewed in real time


I don’t really know anything about TASing so do correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t using slowdowns technically make a run a TAS anyway?


a tas is a tool assisted speedrun, i used cheats not tools and by tools i mean programs


host_framerate counts as a TAS tool, as it give slowmotion. So saying its not a TAS would be lying. Because your using a tool (host_framerate) to assist you in speedrunning.


oh i thought a tool was a program
i removed the “this isn’t a tas” and added tas to the title


If you’re interested in TASes, try out YaLTeR’s Half-Life TAS mod. It has a lot of features like autostrafing so you wouldn’t have to wiggle your mouse manually and just hold a button to gain speed. Also, work on your acceljumps (aka prestrafes), you can start your bhop at ~480 ups instead of 320 ups (walking speed).


This was actually done in YaLTeRs tas mod, I just only used the bunny mod pro features
And with the autostrafing it was only strafing forward i couldn’t go to the left or to the right with like curves and stuff
and the prestrafes… it will take like months for me to start at 480 because im a beginner, ive only been bhopping for 1 week…


What do you mean? Surely if you’re playing the game at a much slower rate it gives you more time to get a good prestrafe?


hmm for me it was harder


If you want to do slowmotion TAS’s (like the ones in the TAS list that are not light-green highlighted) then you might want to use a slowmotion script instead of host_framerate, because it is consistent and easier for realtime use. You can get one from this page.


//pause slowmo alias p4us3on “pausable 1;w;alias _special p4us3;p4us3;bind k p4us3off;bind space +jump;developer 1” alias p4us3off “alias _special;bind k p4us3on;bind space +bhop;developer 1” alias p4us3 “pause;wait;pause;wait;special”
How do i actually use it? im just a beginner


Copy it properly into your userconfig.cfg, then adjust the slowmotion amount by changing the number of **pause;wait; **'s in the p4us3 alias, then (in the example that you pasted) start a segment and press k to start the slowmotion and then press it again to stop it. Set your host_framerate to 0 while doing that by the way.


The script doesn’t work


You are using the Steam version, aren’t you? It doesn’t have _special anymore.

Get NGHL and try again.


thanks i got it to work, but it doesn’t go slow enough


For example, like that:
alias p4us3 “pause;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;pause;wait;special”


Oh, i was tried doing something like lias p4us3 “pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;pause;wait;special”


Ok now does anyone actually like this


New version, 5 seconds faster!


Ok, it plays a demo in slowmotion even after i disabled it. help!