Bunnyhop turning.

no, version doesn’t matter. i think bunnyhop turning in hl2 is rather hard. it took a while to get used to it and i still suck at it :stuck_out_tongue: maybe watch some of b5k’s coast runs carefully and try to copy how he’s doing.

Well, in a later version they update the source engine to bounce you off objects/walls/etc. when you run into them. It’s incredibly horrible and ruins playability.

And, bah, forgot name.

To make slight adjustments, you have to let go of forward while in mid air, strafe the direction you want to go and turn the mouse slightly, all before you touch the ground and press forward. Sounds hard, but it’s easy to practice while going downhill. Try the coast map where you can launch the canyon off the rollermine.There’s also another way, just hold forward and strafe the direction you want to go and curve the mouse slightly. It seems this slows you down a bit, but sometimes is the fastest way.