Bunnyhop-script for AutoHotKey


To whom it may concern:

Could someone post the bhop script for the latest version of AHK? I can’t find my old files and none of the scripts I’ve found on these forums seem to work with the latest version.

Also the scripts posted are embedded in threads, that’s why I made this thread so that it will be easier to find it in the future and I will edit this post with the script after it’s been posted.

Thanks in advance.

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interested in this as well. my current one has some flaws.


This is just a simple space-spam script. It’s Pincus’s old script that uses Left Alt to spam the key.

GetKeyState, state,LAlt , P
if State = U
; Otherwise:
Send, {Space}
Sleep, 1


Why didn’t they use Space? Almost every HL2DQer used that LAlt script?


Meh, I use Space…


Some people don’t let go of the space bar when they strafe jump. That meant that when they landed they would accidental jump again. Lalt gets used instead to prevent that. I use space too.


For Abhing I suggest using a Blind tag, so you can ABH with ctrl then. Makes it alot easier :stuck_out_tongue:


I never knew anything of blind tags, so I just bound \ (the button next to left shift) as crouch, and I now automatically use that for any use of AHK.


It’s all about c Josh. =p


c is my wallclimb button though D:


Space: Jump.
C: Wallclimb.
V: Duck.


I actually have q as spam e and nothing else. Quick swapping… IS FOR PUSSIES!


My is q set to wallclimb too.


Where can i find “bhop script” for hl1? please reply =)


Oh, e e euad


Don’t know if ever posted this:

SetKeyDelay -1
GetKeyState, state,Space , P
if State = U
; Otherwise:
Send, {Space}



Scripts are for pussys. Bind the mousewheels and get used to it.


For everything except HL2 sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Scripted HL2 runs are more fun to watch.