Bunnyhop script error


Hello, I’m trying to get this bunnyhop script to work

// BunnyHop
alias bh1 "fps_max 250;+jump;alias bh@ bh2;special"
alias bh2 "wait;alias bh@ bh3;special"
alias bh3 "-jump;alias bh@ bh4;special"
alias bh4 "wait;alias bh@ bh1;special"
alias +bhop "alias _special bh@;bh1"
alias -bhop "alias _special;-jump;fps_max 125"
bind SPACE +bhop

I’m using Half-life on steam and I’m also using Bunnymod Pro. But every time I try to hold down the space key it only does it once. The error in the console says " Alias name is invalid" and “Unknown command: _special”
can anyone help me fix this?


steam halflife doesnt have _special,
use NGHL


or use this

//bhop loop alias +bh1 "alias name bhop;bhop" 
alias -bh1 "alias name" 
alias bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name"

bind +bh1


I have downloaded NGHL but for some reason i cant put scripts on it with out it. IT wont let me save.


I’m gonna ask this just for kicks. In what file do you paste scripts? config or userconfig?
And I don’t quite get what you mean.


In userconfig.cfg


I was asking Duck


I’m retarded, sorry.