Bunny hoping macro

Hi i saw your video on google and was really impressed i can fly on the crated now just about but i want to start bunny hoping.could somone post the macro for making the bunnyhoping easier that is mentioned on one of your pages, im not going to download the 800 mb video when ive already seen it on google countless times just for the .txt file that probably wont have what im looking for.so if somone could please post the bunnyhop macro that constantly jumps once the assigned jump button is held in thanks.

There is a thread about the macro under General->Technical support…See this post by happyface_0How to use the macroThat thread is made for help and discussion about AHK-macro.

Thank you, im just having problems now tho i can almost always fly with the pallete but when it comes to smaller objects like cases that hold bottles or paint cans i can never fly on them yet im doing the same process i do with the pallete, jump grab jump look down.

The smaller an object is, the harder its going to be to stay on while flying. It just takes a bit of practice.

You only grab the object once, before you do anything else, than you look down and press jump repeatedly while moving forward. This is for all objects.

I have the AutoHotKey code for the space bar (for bunny hopping), but does anyone know the syntax for clicking? It would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile: