So the Unreal engine is quite patchy as it is and the way the game works it looks like something I might want to speedrun in the future. Thoughts?

Gotta love sliding everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


I watched this today and was actually thinking the same thing, except I thought this would be a horrible game to speedrun. But then again, I suck at every game I’ve ever played.


I’ll record and upload a segment or somink so that I can see whether it would be entertaining or not.

Just so we’re clear I want to finish the Ep2 speedrun then release something to do with Blamod before I do something with Bulletstorm.


Since my speedrunning has improved drastically over the past year (mainly because I was speedrunning on a computer with a shitty video card), I’ll get the game and see what I can do, after everything with Ep2 is done.